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☆Rental camping car + Compensation system plan(※Only for who got driving license more than 2 years)

Ocean's Drive provides rental camping car plan

For who may feel worried about driving a camping car, all cars are equipped with a back monitor

Moreover, as there is the only period with "compensation system (usually 2,700 yen for 24 hours)" for free now, you can enjoy driving safely.

※This reservation is only for who has gotten driving license more than 2 years

Seat Capacity:7 people (Bed Capacity:5 people)

All automatic transaxle

All camping cars are non-smoking
We will reject to rent the camping car to someone who can't follow the rules.
If the smell of cigarettes is remained in the camping car, we will request 30,000 yen for cleaning fee.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

There are no car navigation system, ETC, etc.

〜Environment and functions notices〜

※There is a faucet, but it's limited to domestic water, can't drink.

※There is no rental of gas cassette stove.

※There are no bath and toilet.

Please bring your bedding set (rental available) and toiletries by yourself.
Standard equipment


Select date & location

Pick-up Date
Drop-off Date
Number of cars

Select options


Pick-up Date

Drop-off Date

Number of cars 1

Pick-up Location/Drop-off Location

Pick-up shop

Drop-off shop

Option fees
Total yen


  • Driver is limited to one more than two years after license acquisition.
  • Please purchase CDW.
  • If you have children under 6 years of age, please reserve a child seat in advance.
    We may not offer child seats if you didn't reserve in advance

Please check in advance

Rental agreement

Information about reservation.

Please pay by cash, "VISA", "MasterCard", "JCB", "American Express", or "DinersClub" on site.
CDW Grievance Edition
We can exempt from the business compensation fee (non-operation charge) by the compensation system that our shop offers (optional).
When an accident occurs, those covered by CDW are free from charges for object and vehicle compensation.
Please purchase CDW for your rental car.
It depends on the model, so please check the plan contents in our website.
If the insurance is not provided due to unlicensed driving, drunk driving, or without an accident certificate, and the damage exceeding the insurance, the customer shall be held liable on his/her own.
Details of【CDW】
Personnel Per person Without Amount Limitation(Including liability insurance)
Object Each accident Without Amount Limitation(Deductible 50000 yen)
Vehicle Each accident the Market Price of the Car(Deductible 50000 yen)
Personal injury Per person Up to 50 million yen※1

※1 For passengers who are injured by a car accident (including death and sequela), regardless of the driver's proportion of negligence, compensation for personnel injuries shall be paid.
(the maximum amount is ¥50 million:injury compensation amount shall be calculated according to the insurance terms and conditions)

You would be held responsible for the deductible, and compensation for damages when it exceeds the insurance amount.
Compensation for damages won't be paid when the accident is found in "Non-applicable items to insurance". And, any accidents without proof issued by the police,compensation won't be paid.

About cancellation
Free cancellation until the day before the reservation you take.Cancellation of the basic amount of 50% of the penalty on the same day.
If you are late more than an hour of the pick-up time without contact us in advance, or if there is a reason such as flight delay.The reservation will be canceled.

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